Burger and Steak Seasoning

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Sea salt, oregano, paprika, cumin, onion, garlic, and black pepper
make up this richly flavored seasoning. But wait, this isn't just for burgers and steaks, this Seasoning is FABULOUS on all cuts of meats and chops and is equally as fabulous on roasted veggies, meatloaf, meatballs and in soups...play with this one, you’ll love it!

This is NOT a Montreal type steak seasoning, for that, I would use my Original House combined with your favorite herbs

USES: Rub directly on your favorite cut of meat or chop and let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking. For burgers, mix directly into your ground meat of choice. After cooking sprinkle on a bit more to intensify the flavor desired.  Follow Tiny Little Chef on Instagram for more ideas and download the app for recipes!)

MIX-N-MATCH WITH OTHER TLC BLENDS: 3 Amigos Spicy, Bayou Blackened, Ragin Cajun



  • Made with top- quality imported herbs and spices.
  • Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Non-GMO, MSG Free
  • Have no added sodium, flow agents, preservatives, coloring or flavors.
  • Keto, Paleo, Carnivore, Whole30, IIFYM and FWTFL compliant


A note about "clumping"...there are a few spices that naturally have a higher moisture content than other...(all chile peppers and sea salt). This higher moisture content can lead to clumping, and mass-produced spice companies use "non-caking agents" such as calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate calcium silicate, and silicon dioxide, and are not required to put that on their ingredient label. I DO NOT use these in my spices. That being said, you may see clumps or hardening in a few of my blends that contain chili powder and sea salt, rest assured that they are totally ok and still taste delicious. If clumping or caking occurs, just simply break apart with a knife, fork, or your hands.

Be sure to store your Handcrafted Seasoning Blends in a cool, dry place. In a cupboard is ideal.


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Holy Cow

This seasoning is our families favorite, hands down. The blend is spot on and we put it on everything! Burgers, beef, chicken thighs, and I have been putting it on my fried eggs in the morning and it’s delicious! Stock up on this one!

Jennifer C.
United States United States
Incredible Seasoning!

We absolutely LOVE this seasoning. I use it on everything! It’s fantastic on steak, but just as incredible on burgers and in meatloaf. We’ve already gone through an entire bottle and had to get another one it was so delicious! Plus I love seeing all the different spices in the mixture when I sprinkle it on anything!

Tiny Little Chef  Burger and Steak Seasoning (formerly The Ultimate Steak Rub) ReviewTiny Little Chef  Burger and Steak Seasoning (formerly The Ultimate Steak Rub) Review
Lori C.
United States United States
I use it for way more than steaks!

One thing I love about TLC seasonings is they are not full of sodium. I especially love this steak seasoning though!! I use it on fried eggs. I’ve used it on baked chicken and even green beans and asparagus! I love that the seasonings are so versatile like that!

John H.
United States United States
Steak Rub That's not for steaks

The rub tastes a lot like the taco of the town seasoning, or a carne asada marinade. I was looking for a garlic pepper sea salt, maybe an herb or two type of seasoning. you never want to put chili powder on a quality steak :(. But I can use it for my scramble eggs, or to make Taco's

Tiny Little Chef

Sorry to hear you feel this way! Feel free to use my Traditional House Seasoning if you are looking for something more salt and pepper based. The recipe was based on a taste test of a few versions and this one was the customer favorite by far!

Jennifer C.
United States United States
New Favorite!

I can’t get ENOUGH of this seasoning! First thing I tossed it in was my meatloaf. It made it so incredibly smoky and the depth of flavor was phenomenal! My husband was even excited about leftovers! It’s great on burgers too! I can’t wait to buy a nice cut of steak and try it on that too!